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With over 18 years of accumulated experience, Cutlass sought to build its business on high quality, impeccable service and ultimate customer satisfaction.
Cutlass reinvented itself with the beginning of the new century and the company as it is known today, was born in January 2000. 
A successful expansion over the years was the result of the utmost professionalism in the form of a wise management, a competent team, a dynamic sales force, and an outstanding and highly talented design department. This was also possible thanks to our renowned American and European partners, guarantors of our products’ top quality, and one of the reasons for our returning clients with exquisite taste!
Some call it luck, we call it hard work and perseverance! The dedication and professionalism of our skillful and talented team has landed us amazing, significant projects designed brilliantly for prominent game changers and some great names in the food service equipment market, such as:
• PF Chang’s
• The Cheesecake Factory
• VOX Cinemas
• Shake Shack
• Laundry Department of Notre Dame Hospital (Hadath)
• Hospitality School in Bint Jbeil
• Leil Nhar, to name a few.
And with wonderful testimonials from such high profile clients, we guarantee you the ultimate customer experience! After all, our intricate selection process for our employees means you only deal with the best trained technicians and most understanding sales consultants who make sure you get exactly what you ask for, if not even better!
Give us a chance to blow your mind. You won’t regret it, we promise!